Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Time: Ziggy Marley

I recently spoke with someone who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He knew his days were numbered and seemed very determined to spend his last days getting his business in order and trying to set everything up so that his family will be taken care of after he passed away. I was very impressed and inspired by his strength and appreciation for life. He was very focused on enjoying his family and preparing them for life without him.
I could not help thinking what would I do? What would I be thinking or doing? A hedonistic part of me wants to say that it would be like the movie The Holiday or The Bucket List where I travel and try to see and do all the things in life I've always wanted to do. Then I think about this fellow and all the memories he plans to make with his family before his time comes and I think about my two greatest loves in life. I couldn't see a better end to my days than having a big party with all my family and lots of great reggae music.
Kinda like the scene in the song below. How great would it be to have your final moments on this earth a fun filled one that your family will remember forever? I wonder what thoughts wants or wishes would you have if you knew your life was gonna end soon. Please share a line!