Thursday, March 31, 2011

My first official blog challenge

I saw this challenge over at Ruthiebelle and found this to be the perfect first challenge for my blog. I've been slacking off in the posting deparment so this will be a fun challenge. Look forward to 25 days of music that means somthing to me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Men cheat a lot but do women cause more hurt?

Seems like everywhere I turn these days I hear about the cheating boyfriend. He slept with the ex, he met some chick on facebook....he swears it was just one kiss and nothing else happened. Yet every guy I know says that women cheat more than guys.

Personally, I dont know a lot of females that cheat but I seems that the ones who do are super slick. This guy I know just found out that his girl has been cheating on him for the last four years. That has gotta hurt.....
My friend says " I could understand if she cheat on me once or twice, thats something I would have done and could get pass...but to lie and live a double life for four years is some evil s**t that only females do".
What you all think about this one?
This song goes out to you my friend. Here's to picking up on the signs that all is not well in your future relationships..