Sunday, June 21, 2009

Soladirty for Females Iran

All the stories of courageous Iraqi females who have been standing up for their rights and defending democracy in their country these pass few days made me think of this clip. The movie is called Persepolis and in this clip the heroine Marjane decides to come out of her depression and finally take control of her life. The song says the rest..........

We all want to be like Marjane. Strong, confident, ready to take on the world and stand up for what we believe in. My heart goes out to all the female demonstrators in Iran and all over the world who have the courage to stand up for Equal Rights and Justice.

Monday, June 15, 2009

August Town - (Duane Stephenson)

My last video post, Cottage in Negril, had me reminiscing about all the good times I had growing up in Jamaica. This had me thinking about the fact that there are two different versions of my beautiful country Jamaica. There is the beach and the tourist areas that most people see and hear about(shown in previous video)and then there are the Inner City areas. Violent crimes, gangs and poverty are a daily reality in these places.However, Jamaicans are known for our tenacity and strength and courage to overcome difficult odds. This is a beautiful song by Duane Stephenson which illustrates just that.It is a song about faith and how people can change their lives for the better.Here is a verse of the song:
A word from the Wise don't try to make life on your own
Remember that Jah Jah’s by your side,
For I was a soul who was lost And my life was in dismay,
For among evil forces in which I played yeah
Guns and ammunition were my chosen way of life,
With God's fearing people I chose to strive,
For all of the lives that are taken, they can never be replaced,
But still Jah Jah chose to remember my face

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cottage In Negril - Duane Stephenson

This song is beautiful. It reminds me of my teenage years growing up in Negril. Young and in love.....those were the sweet old days. I am a bit young to be nostalgic about the good old days but music, reggae music especially has that ability to instantly take you back to moments in your life. This one takes me back to when I felt invincible, when I saw my life as full of possibilities and when I felt that love and relationships were so simple......

Check Duane Stephenson out on youtube....... His latest album is called August own. It is one of those rare ones where every song is actually very good. One that you should definitely purchase.Album of hits!Check him out on myspace. Add Him as a friend to see when he will be performing in your area.